CuBox-i - Small and Silent Multimedia Computer

The CuBox-i is a small but powerful multimedia computer for your home or office. With a quad-core processor, up to 4GB of memory and 3D capable graphics and at only 2-inch square it really is tiny for what it can do. Plus it has all the basics a modern computer needs such as built-in WIFI, Bluetooth, Ethernet, Infrared Remote Control and Optical S/PDIF sound. It can also be controlled by phone, tablet or traditional keyboard and mouse.

Put your laptop away. At 2” X 2” X 2”, the CuBox-i is the world’s smallest computer EVER. With its sleek and elegant design, the CuBox-i easily blends into your home or office d├ęcor. You’ll hardly notice it, but when you do, you’ll love the way it looks.
Source - SolidRun