Blackview BV9600 - Indestructible and Waterproof Smartphone

I am a professional when it comes to breaking the screen on my mobile, I broke 3 in the last year alone. The makers claim it is indestructible but they did not hire me to fully test it so we won't know for sure until I get my hands on one.

The Blackview BV9600 is a very tough phone that is waterproof, drop-proof and dustproof, and can take a lot of abuse. It comes in two models, Pro and Plus. The Pro has a slightly smaller screen than the Plus and only has a side mounted fingerprint scanner instead of the under-screen scanner on the Plus. Both have super Amoled screen, 6GB ram, 128GB storage and dual rear Samsung cameras as well as a massive 5580mAh battery.

With a powerful processor and crystal clear Amoled screen it is great for gaming and unlike other tough phones its not like carrying around a house brick in your pocket.