WaterLily 12V - Power using Wind or Water

The WaterLily 12V is a portable water and wind generator for running your own mini power station, or even charging 12V lead-acid batteries. You can also daisy chain the waterlily with more turbines or solar panels to generate more electricity to suit your needs. Check out the link for more info or watch the videos below to see the Waterlily in action.
Price - $199.99
WaterLily 12V is designed for users who want to power more than just small personal devices. It packs the same great HydroElectric Charge System as our USB Turbine, but with regulated 14.6V output. This is ideal for larger power stations, or even lead acids found on sailboats and RVs. One of the great things about WaterLily 12V is that you can chain multiple turbines together to harness even more power for your power stations.
Source - WaterLily
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