Ekocycle Cube - 3D Printer that uses Waste Plastic Bottles

We use millions of plastic bottles every day and all that waste plastic is a major problem for the environment. The Ekocycle Cube is a 3D printer that uses waste from plastic drinks bottles to print anything a normal 3D printer can print.
It is the only printer in the market that prints in post-consumer waste, the EKOCYCLE Cube 3D printer recycles what you use, so you can remake into new, meaningful, beautiful and better things.
EKOCYCLE Cube 3D printer features:
  • Exclusive printing in post-consumer waste
  • Dual color printing
  • Instant loading of cartridge. Load cartridges in a snap
  • Print straight from your mobile. Browse, share and print directly from your mobile phone
  • 200 micron resolution printing
  • Auto leveling print pad ensures high quality, consistent and reliable prints
  • 18 print modes in a consumer printer
    Source - 3DSystems

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