Dride Zero - Smart Dashcam Built with Raspberry Pi

The Dride Zero is a small dashcam built on the Raspberry Pi Zero, which makes it possibly the smartest dashcam you can buy. The Dride runs on drideOS an open source operating system built on Linux, and as many features like upload to the cloud, GPS tracking, auto upload on crash impact and can even read number plates. But the best thing is how easy it is to share footage of dangerous driving, with just one click. It is also possible to make your own apps for any purpose you can think of, like an app to give you reminders when you are at a certain location.
Price - $69
  • Cloud - Upload and store driving videos to the cloud
  • Connectivity - Dride has Bluetooth, Wifi and GPS
  • App - Control your Dride with our easy to use app
  • SDK - Design your own app for our platform and share your Dride world with everyone
  • Raspberry Pi - Dride Zero is build on Raspberry Pi Zero to provide a familiar platform for developers
    Source - Dride
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