C2 Electronic Hookah - An Electronic Shisha Water Pipe

The C2 Hookah is the worlds first electronic Shisha Water Pipe that uses refill pods for easy change of flavour to suit your taste, and it is a lot easier to clean and safer because you are not burning material like in a traditional shisha pipe. Pods come in a wide range of flavours and the company are always trying to bring great new flavours. It has a 8000MaH battery with USB-C fast charge.
The world’s first electronic shisha device, bringing together outstanding performance and usability. Offering users the same ‘bubbling water’ experience beloved of conventional hookah pipes, the c2 Hookah can support 2 simultaneous users, benefits from variable power control for a fully customisable vaping experience, and uses pre-filled pods for quick, hassle-free refill.
Source - C2 Hookah
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