Tauten Line Welder

UAV Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Linux Mint 19 - A Sleek, Modern and Free Operating System

C2 Electronic Hookah - An Electronic Shisha Water Pipe

JuBiter Blade - Secure Wallet for Bitcoin and Ethereum

SID Weeview - Stereoscopic 3D Live Streaming Camera

Flip Grip - Nintendo Switch Vertical Mount

Ekocycle Cube - 3D Printer that uses Waste Plastic Bottles

Stickman Archer Fight

NanoPi M4 - 6 Core Super Powerful SBC

Dride Zero - Smart Dashcam Built with Raspberry Pi

Blackmagic eGPU Pro - Get iMac pro Graphics on a Standard Mac

Eco-Postcard - Eco Postcards and Greetings Cards

Radfan - Radiator fan to circulate hot air around the room

WaterLily 12V - Power using Wind or Water

NFC BioGlass Implant Kit

InFORM - Physically Interact With 3D Models

AlphaBot2 - Self Build Raspberry Pi Robot

BMW Active Hybrid E-Bike

Enviro Battery - Green Science Kit for Children

Sphynx - Solar Powered Desk Lamp

Bamboo Keyboard - Eco Friendly Compact Wireless Keyboard

GameSir T6 - Bluetooth Stretch Controller for Mobile Gaming